Tails Club


Tails Club is a social media web application made specifically for creative furry enthusiasts and anyone who may be interested in the furry community or related content. It has many similar features to other social media applications, such as profiles, group messaging, notifications, an advanced search feature, post voting, commenting, tagging, mentioning, an online indicator, privacy settings, and much more. It has an emphasis on minimalism, clean design, and modern technologies. It is completely accessible without Javascript enabled, but having it enabled allows for many cool features. It is also set up for language localization, where translations can be crowd-sourced.

Tails Club is built using Node.js in the back end and plain HTML, CSS, and some JavaScript in the front end. It uses Socket.io technology to enable real-time content updates in various different areas and XMLHttpRequests to fetch additional content without reloading the page, creating an infinite scrolling effect on post and group pages. Mongoose is used for advanced interaction with the database, allowing for features such as filtering posts by popularity, date, rating, and media, fetching tags that are trending in the past 12 hours, and more.

There are a multitude of additional features not mentioned. To try them out, try making an account for yourself and explore around!

Last Updated

Jan 2021


Jan 2019