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Hi there!

I'm a Leafeon that codes and doodles.

I'm just an out-of-the-ordinary guy who sees things a bit differently. I generally call myself "meowsome" online, and I use a Leafeon as my persona. I enjoy coding, drawing, playing video games, and more. This website serves as a portfolio for you to check out my work. Feel free to ask me more about myself in conversation!



A fairly small Minecraft server with 6 types of gameplay, a ranking system, gadgets, currency, and more.


A simple, cute, and personable bot for your Discord server that adds both convenience and fun.

Sites & Apps

Browse a list of websites that I've built in the past with a small story to accompany each one.


Browse a list of artwork that I've created in the past. I've only been drawing for a few years!










Adobe Suite


What Can I Make?
  Static Websites

Simple websites that display information neatly.

  Dynamic Websites

Versatile websites that store data & perform functions.

  Interface Designs

A complete outline of how a program would look.

  Other Designs

Logos, icons, buttons, drawings... You name it!

I'm currently listening to...

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Inquire about collaborating with me on a project, or just boop me and say hello!


by meowsome


In Development
Handlebars, CSS, JavaScript, Node.js

A fully functional social media website for creative furry and animal enthusiasts.

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This project is currently in development. The logo, name, and literally everything else are subject to change at any time. It is a social media application, featuring profiles, group messaging, notifications, an advanced search feature, liking, commenting, tagging, mentioning, an online indicator, privacy settings, and much more. It has an emphasis on minimalism, clean design, and modern technologies. It is completely accessible without Javascript enabled, but having it enabled allows for many cool features. It is very experimental.

Project Links:
Planned Updates and Bug Fixes Discord Server (Join to brainstorm ideas and see progress updates!)


April, 2019

A redesign of the FaceWAN community's home page.

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Elite Espeon, the founder of the FaceWAN gaming community, approached me and asked if I had any ideas for the website's main page. I threw something together quick, we expanded on that, and it all came together nicely from there! The final result is somewhat influenced by Material Design concepts, but has its own flair that makes it stand out. I attempted to make the site look more up-to-date with the use of icons, simplicity, and lots of padding, and I used the same catchy color theme that the site already had. I worked to make the site use as little JavaScript as possible to make it just that much more user-friendly and speedy, and it only has a few lines of total JavaScript to make it work. Elite plans to redesign the forum pages on the website based off of this design I created.

MP3 Editor

Updated March, 2019 (Started June, 2018)
HTML, CSS, JavaScript, Node.js

A lightweight web app that automatically tags a mp3 file with song name, artist name, album name, album art, and more!

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This web app is not intended to influence others to illegally pirate music, but rather was just an experiment that I came up with so that I could practice coding something a bit different. In building this web app, I experimented with using Node.js, the Glitch interface, and relations between the front-end and the back-end code. The app hooks up to both the YouTube and the Genius APIs and searches for a song name that matches the title of the mp3 file that is uploaded. You can also search if no results appear, view a list of related titles if the auto-generated one is incorrect, and manually edit tags yourself. Read more about it here.

My Site V6

Updated March, 2019 (Started April, 2018)
HTML, CSS, JavaScript

This is the sixth re-code of my portfolio website, which you are currently viewing.

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This is yet another re-code of my portfolio website, which means that there's six in total now! In the development of this website, I made sure to pay particular attention to reducing the file size of the website, which would make the website load faster and would be much better for mobile users on data. I also made sure to think a lot about the way things are presented, such as what information is relevant or not, in what order items should be placed, color, and overall neatness. It looks very similar to the old version of the site, but the code is much cleaner and hopefully is a much more pleasant experience for the user to navigate through. The design was inspired by Google's Material Design in many aspects, but a lot of it has my own twist on things as well that break the guidelines of Material Design.


December, 2017
HTML, CSS, JavaScript

A new version of BucketMuncher's portfolio website built using my template based off of Material Design.

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Since I was eager to try out the new skills I had learned over the Summer, I went ahead and coded an entirely new website for BucketMuncher. it has basically the same content as his old website, but is organized in a completely different format. His website now features components from my latest Material Design concept, and sports a variety of neat features.

EPiC Lab

August, 2017
Wordpress, PHP, CSS, JavaScript

A Wordpress theme built for the EPiC Lab at CSU.

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This was a website that was built for Dr. Pasricha's EPiC Lab at Colorado State University during an internship. In order to begin coding this website, I needed to find a way to allow Dr. Pasricha to edit the content without having to do any coding. After doing a bit of research on content management systems, I finally decided on Wordpress. The original candidates were Drupal and Wordpress, but I ultimately decided on Wordpress because I felt that it had more capabillities. It was a big learning curve for me, since I had to learn MAMP, the basics of PHP, and the components of Wordpress by myself. After many hours, I was able to produce a website for his lab using a custom theme for Wordpress.


by meowsome