MP3 Editor


The MP3 Editor is a web app that acts as an interface to add music metadata to your mp3 files. It can attempt to automatically tag a file for you, or you can enter the information yourself if you choose.

The web app is built with HTML, CSS, and JavaScript (Specifically Node.js and jQuery). It utilizes both the YouTube and the Genius APIs and searches for a song name that matches the title of the mp3 file that is uploaded. The design is heavily referenced on Google's Material Design, but comes with its own twist. It is not intended to influence others to illegally pirate music, but rather was an experiment with using Node.js, the Glitch interface, and relations between the front-end and the back-end code. You can also search the APIs if no results appear, view a list of related titles if the auto-generated one is incorrect, and manually edit tags yourself. Everything is done on a single page, with information being sent back and forth to and from the server with AJAX requests.

Last Updated

Mar 2019


Jun 2018